Hi, I’m Nena Estrada and I started and also am the designer of NenaCouture.

I was inspired at an early age by my Grandmother, Grace, who taught me to create and dress Quinceanera dolls.  I loved and still love working with vibrant colors and unique influences. This eventually evolved into my first lines of unique, one-of-a-kind, fun, flirty party dresses and glamourous gowns named Hi Grace Couture.

By using glittering materials and modern, custom cuts, Hi Grace Couture brings out the unique, one-of-a-kind, sexy and glamourous side of every woman.

Several years ago, I decided to start Hi Grace Couture because, as a freelance entertainment reporter for Spanish language entertainment media, I would often get compliments on my custom made party dresses, designed by me, that I would wear. After receiving so many questions about these dresses the inspiration hit me to custom make them to order so that each woman would have a dress that was unique and one of a kind.

During this time period of promoting these dresses I participated in several fashion events and runways such as LA Fashion Week 2012.

Along the way, I gathered the support of various entertainment and fashion personalities such as: successful telenovela writer / producer Carla Estrada and noted fashion designer Mitzy (whose gave me help and advice and so I consider him the ‘godfather’ of my dresses).

As I was becoming more involved with promoting the Hi Grace Couture line I discovered I was pregnant. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, the light of my life. I put my business on hold and became a stay at home mom.

After a few years of raising my daughter I decided that I wanted to get back into fashion designing again. I started designing sparkly baby dresses along with a matching sparkly bottle. I also discovered that this idea would be too expensive to do in LA. I continued to design my unique and one of a kind dresses for my daughter and me. Watching my daughter become inspired by fashion kept me going.

On a trip to Las Vegas two years ago, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my high heels and so I bought a pair in Las Vegas. After wearing these high heels for several hours walking around the casino and having a good time, these heels became my worst nightmare, it was the worst pain ever. I wanted to take them off but I remembered the #1 lesson taught to me by my Grandmother, Grace. Never be barefoot, not even in your own house, no matter what. And so I put up with the pain of those heels, which even to this day I cannot believe I did. Only when I was in a taxi did I take those heels off, and when I later crossed the hotel lobby, which was being cleaned, my bare feet got all dirty and wet. I thought “Oh My God! No one  should ever have to go though this! This is so gross!”   

 It was both the worst thing and the best thing to happen to me because I also wanted no one else to feel the foot pain I experienced. The inspiration hit me. I wanted every woman to have a pair of beautiful, foldable, emergency slippers that was wearable both indoors and outdoors and that also caressed her feet and made her feel classy and elegant.

And so I created the AMslippers and started NenaCouture.

For both women and men, the AMslippers line will feature over ten different classy and fabulous, sparkly, to-go, roll-up styles such as: thigh highs, knee, mid-calf, and ankle. Also as a bonus, each pair comes with a fabulous, foldable tote bag so that you can put your heels in it as you wear your beautiful pair of AMslippers. Additionally, this tote bag has a small pocket so you can put your valuables away.

I also love promoting my lines and I am always looking for the next fashion event to create or participate in; to bring my lines to a wider audience, because I believe every woman should show off her unique, one-of-a-kind, sexy and glamourous side.

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